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YC-150MPa finned water expansion machine


Main technical parameters:

① Rated pressure: 200MPa

② Working pressure: 150MPa [Set the required pressure value according to the on-site working conditions on the touch screen]

③ Function: Expansion joint between pipe fittings and fins

④ Applicable specifications: φ 18-25 【 Customizable 】

⑤ Expansion tube fixture: one set (one set: two/specification)

⑥ Expansion medium: water [clean water source]

⑦ Input power supply: 220V

⑧ Drive: compressed air 5-8 kg, 0.6-1.0m ³/ Min

⑨ Control system: touch screen, Siemens PLC

⑩ Control program: autonomous programming

⑪ Electric control system: DK0012

⑫ Pressure display: dual display of pressure transmitter and mechanical pressure gauge

⑬ Drive air source inlet: Φ 12mm PU hose quick connector

⑭ Water inlet: Φ 12mm PU hose quick connector

⑮ Unloading outlet: ZG3/8 internal thread, equipped with Φ 12mm PU hose quick connector

⑯ High pressure outlet: M20 * 1.5-60 ° cone seal, internal thread

⑰ Boosting method: 350 times high-pressure booster

⑱ Station: 1 station

Product Features

The expansion pressure and holding time can be set to ensure the quality of expansion;

Foot switch control for easy operation;

The speed of pressure boosting and unloading is fast, and the expansion speed is doubled;

The residual stress of the expanded device is low, making it less prone to gap corrosion;

Efficient, high-precision, and highly automated;

PLC touch screen control, simple and easy to operate.


1. Directly stepping on the foot switch twice [or continuously clicking on the start switch twice] while injecting water and boosting pressure will increase the wear of the equipment's high-pressure pump, and it is not recommended to take action.

2. The device operation panel is equipped with 【 start 】, 【 stop 】, 【 emergency stop 】, 【 buzzer 】, and 【 power indicator light 】

【 Start 】: The function is equivalent to stepping on the foot switch, pressing once to inject water and pressing twice to expand.

【Stop】: Manual stop, press to stop the equipment and relieve pressure

【Emergency Stop】: Emergency stop, press to power off and stop, rotate and bounce to release the emergency stop

【 Buzzer 】: After the expansion joint is completed, an alarm will be given and it will automatically stop

【 Power indicator light 】: used to indicate whether the power is connected and whether the circuit breaker switch in the electric control box is turned on

3. When the equipment is not in use, please turn off the external air source, water source switch, and power supply

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