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Electric numerical control pipe expanding machine


The electric mechanical pipe expander is a special equipment which is equipped with a controller to expand the inner hole of the metal pipe and combine the outer circle of the pipe with the tube sheet hole. Working principle. The controller digitally sets the effective expansion current, and controls the expansion strength (torque) and reversal time. DFZ, DZJ single-phase numerical control pipe expander is a new special tool for pipe expansion, which is improved and upgraded according to the single-phase electric pipe expander commonly used in the domestic market. This product uses advanced integrated circuits and electronic components, and integrates functions such as testing, tube expansion, automatic stop in place, automatic reverse rotation, and emergency stop of any button on the handle. The process method that must hold the key until a pipe expansion process is completed is abandoned, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators. The advanced integrated electronic circuit system improves the flexibility of motor control and the service life of the machine. The expansion force setting and exit time adjustment are easy and convenient. The working current intensity and exit time stopwatch are accurately displayed through two digital display screens. The real-time working condition of the machine is clear at a glance. It is an indispensable special tool for pipe expansion in the manufacturing of industrial equipment coolers, heat exchangers and other equipment. The efficiency of pipe expansion is more than 100% faster than that of conventional three cameras.


Expansion range and expansion strength:

1. This series of models are suitable for tube expansion range: 8 * 1~25 * 2 stick expansion or strength expansion.

2. The scope of pipe expansion is only for reference, and it shall be comprehensively considered according to pipe specification, material, pipe wall thickness, clearance between pipe plate aperture and pipe outer diameter, expansion length, expansion method and other factors.

3. The expansion strength generally refers to the interference of the pipe after expansion. The experienced technicians will calculate the expansion strength according to the requirements of the post expansion test of the expanded equipment and the pushing amount of the expansion rod during the commissioning and actual expansion process. If you are not familiar with tube expansion process, please contact us before expanding, so as to give a reasonable expansion plan.

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